It ain’t just a band scene anymore


I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that one of the performers at the J Crunch Ripiito last Saturday was in fact a solo J Pop act.

The young and pretty Setsuna. Photo by Ninjulius

Setsuna, a sweet but spunky senior high school kid had always known that she was a performer.

I’ve been singing since I was a kid,” Setsuna, shyly told me. “But I really got into the J scene only two years ago when I auditioned for the collegiate anime fair, kAME ulit and I got in! I performed upbeat songs. Actually, I only perform upbeat songs. I don’t like the audience to fall asleep. I want them to get up and dance!

setsuna 2
Setsuna on stage. Photo by Ninjulius

Setsuna was apparently the pioneer in her genre*. But like the members of Pinoy J bands here in the Philippines, it was also her love for anime that started it all. She joined forums and watched conventions. That’s where she became aware of J music performances. She wanted to go on stage and sing. The only problem was that she didn’t belong to a band. All she had were her interest in anime and her love for singing.

I just put my two passions together,” Setsuna added. “I’m just glad that my parents support me. I don’t know if I’ll be performing like this for a long time, but I’m just enjoying what I’m doing now.

Belting out J love! Photo by Ninjulius

Well I hope that this kid makes it. J-inspired or not, she’s one sugoi performer!

Stay tuned here at for updates on Setsuna’s gig sked.

*As Kirby pointed out, Setsuna may not be the pioneer in her genre. There are also other J Pop performers such as the Pinoy Morning Musume and Trance. But so far, I think Setsuna is one of the very few, if not the only, solo J performer out there. 😀

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  1. hi!

    i miss the good old days when there was still morning musume / mini moni and other hello project performers.

    ummmm I’m not sure if setsuna was a pioneer in her genre of jpop performances, was she? I remember watching mini moni philippines even before the first up ame con.

    photo here

  2. Hello, Kirby! You’re the guitarist of X Versus Zero and Tokyo’t Baboy, right? Cool!

    Welcome to sugoistuff! Thanks for the comment. It goes to show how much I know about the Pinoy J music scene 😛

    Anyway, I have an article about the band performances just waiting to be posted. Watch out for that.

    Thanks again, and more power to you and your bands!

  3. hahahaha coolness! I’l watch for that ^_^

    If you need photos of jmusic bands just contact me. I’ve got tons and tons and I haven’t posted them all at my website yet huhuhu.

    I got some little video clips too 😉

  4. To borrow your word, “Coolness!”

    Thanks for the offer. I might take you up on that one. 😀

    Now I must get back to work. If I finish early, I might be able to post the article that I promised.

    Thanks again for visiting Sugoistuff!

  5. I wonder if there are youtubes of her performance? Or care to post one? 🙂 I’ve never heard her sing.

  6. hey anak, you’re here! ^^

    hehehe just passing by…pc at home still broken but wanted to catch up with the latest sugoi stuff hehehe^^
    setsuna’s really cute and a good performer so i hope to see her in more events!

  7. at nag-kita ang mag-ina!

  8. hi sa lahat! hmm, ike all of you…i do love singing jpop songs…

  9. hello, haysaki! welcome to sugoi stuff!

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