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Ahh… the 80’s! Back when my preferred baon was Jack and Jill chocolate-covered pretzels and orange Zesto in foil tetra-pack (or Ice Gems and Magnolia Chocolait). The time when the radios were blaring Madonna pleading her Papa not to preach, and Michael Jackson was still black and telling people to beat it (Ano ba ito, beat na talunin o beat na bati? Hehe…). The time when The Wuds and The Dawn were just starting (sigh* and now they’re all rock legends). The time when the ultimate teen movies were The Breakfast Club and Bagets.

Oh, the memories! With all the leggings and tunics, and Punk music coming back with a vengeance, who wouldn’t remember?

If you love “the Me decade,” then let OngakuSociety bring it back even for just one night!

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OngakuSociety, the premiere contemporary Japanese music community for Filipino fans, presents ONGAKU REWIND: Remembering the Bad Hair Generation — J-rock Style! on April 28 from 5PM to 1AM. Tickets are sold at PhP 120 with FREE DRINK. Venue is @ Freedom Bar. That’s along Anonas near McDonald’s.

Aside from the Japanese and 80’s Music, to be brought to you by 12 of the country’s premiere J-inspired bands, there will also be a raffle (is that a brand new just-released metallic orange iPod Shuffle I see?), and an auction of secret goodies!

And if you’re the adventurous type, don’t forget to come in your favorite J-pop/J-rock/Gothic Lolita/Fruitsy Harajuku/or other Japanese street-fashion for the mini cosplay event. Or for the real 80’s babies who have their pinaglumaan still stowed somewhere, there is a special category for 80’s inspired fashion for you! Just a reminder though, a special dressing room for the cosplayers will not be provided so you’ll have to make do with the venue’s comfort rooms. But if you’d rather go extreme, no one’s stopping you to get off a PUV already dressed in costume.

To pre-order tickets and for other info, please visit the official website of OngakuSociety.

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  1. Hi guys!

    Thanks for being part of the event 😀 And dun sa spartan na kasama niyo na tinulungan ako magkabit ng tarp: AHOO!! AHOO!! 😀


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