Sugoistuff is still sugoi

Apologies from moi, Flori.

As you may have noticed already, I have not been posting much and my Pinoy J band feature about J Crunch Ripiito is still under my drafts folder. I will post it soon. I’m just waiting for some info confirmation from people.

Another thing is, this freelance business is really a very busy profession. For some reason, the month of April has brought me a deluge of work. Not that I’m complaining, it means more moolah for me, yey! Unfortunately, it sure did cut my writing time for Sugoistuff. If you see me posting 3-5 articles per day, then you’ll know that I’m raket-free at the moment. If I post as seldom as I watch TV, then that means I have some things going on for me.

The rest of Team Sugoi are young urban professionals and therefore much busier than I am. But this doesn’t mean that Team Sugoi will be neglecting its sugoi duties. In fact, we’ll be covering OngakuSociety’s Ongaku Rewind on the 28th at Freedom Bar. We’re also still in the process of conferring about other media coverages for other events. O di ba? Sosyal na kami!

Yes, Team Sugoi may be a little quiet these days but we’ll always be delivering you the sugoi in the stuff!

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting. We surely appreciate your support! Mwahness!

Author: Flori

… is virtually a free spirit who loves independent movies, literature, graphic novels, pop culture, music (especially indie rock and jazz), food, cooking, vintage fashion, and Alpha Males. Read more Flori melodrama on Short Term Effect .

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