The 5-month L’arc thing

It’s not enough that L’Arc~en~Ciel has just kicked off their 2007 tour, these guys who made me listen to J rock has also announced that starting August, they will be releasing one sugoi stuff every month for 5 months!!! According to Sports Hochi, this will start with the band’s new single, “My Heart Draws a Dream” on August 29 which will be followed by the DVD of their 2006 Tokyo Dome performance.

l'arc en ciel
Photo from here.

Talk about L’arc overload!

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  1. birthday gift ata sa amin ni chenn ni tet-chan at hyde (respectively) ung single. hahaha feeling! ^^;

  2. Aba, why not? Eh ikakasal nga raw kami ni Yamapi eh

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