Smoker’s id

Ahh… those days in Japan and me and my hommies would sneak to get a pack of cigarette from the vending machines in front of konbinis. Nah, that didn’t happen and it wasn’t likely to have happened to me either. I wish it did though as it would be one heck of a story to tell folks here.


Photo and News from Yahoo!News Japan

Anyway, teeners will be getting withdrawals.

By next July, all of Japan’s 570,000 cigarette vending machines will now require a smart card called “taspo” — a blend of the words tobacco, access and passport — issued only to people who are at least 20, the legal smoking age.– Yahoo!News Japan

What do you think?

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  1. if i ask a guy with a TASPO to buy me a pack of cigarettes, eh di gann din

  2. hehe oo nga naman pero siguro di na lang makakadekwat yung mga bata basta-basta

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