Stop, Mr. Postman!

Oh drat and I thought, Ninomiya Kazunari gonna play the postman this coming holiday season. Apparently I misread the news (since it’s in Japanese).

Nino Post

Arashi‘s Nino-kun has just been tagged as spokesperson for the newly privatized, Japan Post. He’ll be endorsing the New Year’s card campaign, as snail mail is getting beaten by e-mail.

I still wish he delivers the mail though.

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  1. atashi mo! what if you open the door and he’s standing there with your package in his hands and …*insert dream sequence here* ahahay~o~

    and before i end my comment, congrats to nino for winning the best actor award for the summer edition of the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix! although he beat oguri shun hmph! hehe^^V

  2. hehe pero kung si toma yung andun pagbukas ko ng pinto… hahatakin ko na siya sa loob ng bahay at di ko na pakakawalan!

  3. wahahaa tama!!! omg mr. toma postman….*droooling into daydream sequence uli*

    sou ieba, si toma ay 2nd place lang sa best supporting actor kse natalo sya ni papa nao by about 2k votes! pero ok lang kse no. 1 sya sa tin haha off topic ata^^;

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