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NTV will roughen up its Spring drama showcase with the triquel of its popular school drama – Gokusen.

Nakama Yukie will reprise her role for the third time as Yamaguchi Kumiko a.k.a. Yankumi – the granddaughter of a Yakuza boss turned high school Math teacher.

About 600 young actors initially auditioned for the various roles that will comprise Gokusen 3‘s unruly class. It was trimmed down to 300 for the interview. The following six would play the lead protagonists (or rather, Yankumi-antagonists):

Gokusen 3 Boys

From left to right: Takaki, Miura H., Ishiguro, Nakama, Kiriyama, and Miura S.

Takaki Yuya (of Hey! Say! JUMP) will play the lead. He will be joined by fellow JE boys Nakama Junta and Kiriyama Akito of the group, B.A.D..

The other three are Miura Haruma (as Shiraishi Ryo in Binbo Danshi), Ishiguro Hideo (as Yabuki Taku in Gokusen 2), and new comer Shohei Miura.

Gokusen is based on an equally popular manga of the same title and was created by Morimoto Kozueko .

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  1. excuse me!

  2. i think ms yankumi and ogata are for each other cuz look the following episodes ogata always calling ms yankumi when there was a trouble but i love watching this cuz of takaki yuya and nakama yukie

  3. the cast are cute cuz of takaki yuya

  4. hi im alyssa yankumi i love you and your jerzees and i love ogata the gokusen 3 is very beautiful

  5. bakit wala si honjo sa picture?

  6. i love gokusen 3 the most… and i really ogata yamato… can’t wait to see the movie

  7. hi ms yankumi.. i really like those episode of GOKUSEN.. but among of the 3.. i really like the last part … thank you for introducing takaki yuya.. he really inspired me until now.. hope that there still part 4 and hope your lovelife there will grow.. can you still Mr. yuya to be a part of that scene? more power!

  8. i love you Takaki Yuya.. !

  9. hi miura haruma long time no see!

  10. i love you miura haruma i want you to meet in personal.

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