Super Mario “crosses over”

Have you ever imagined yourself playing as Nintendo‘s resident plumber Mario, but this time in out-of-his-world stages? A YouTube user codenamed JudgeSpear had, and he even turned fantasy into reality by making that game!

JudgeSpear called his freeware game Super Mario Fusion, as it gives the player an impression that the original Super Mario game “fused” with Rockman, Castlevania, even Halo! Heck, he even combined “Mushroom Kingdom” (Princess Toadstool’s kingdom) with “Kingdom Hearts” (another notorious crossover RPG) to form the portmanteau “Mushroom Kingdom Hearts” and establish his game as a Mario crossover game. (Bah, just formulating the grammar for that one sentence “crossed my mind over”!)

The game system is based on the Super Mario Hello Engine 3, made by another freeware game maker codenamed Hello, which amalgamated elements from Super Mario Bros. 1 through 3 and Super Mario World. JudgeSpear used ripped and animated sprites from old-school Mario and non-Mario games.

The worlds included in the game so far are the Mushroom Kingdom (Mario), Rockman’s World, the Alternate World (which I think came from Metroid), the Demon Realm (Castlevania), and the Halo Universe. For every stage, he incorporated background music that fits the area (e.g. Halo BGM for Halo areas, and so on).

Super Mario Fusion, however, is not yet complete; it is still in its first stages of development. As far as I know, this project began just last January; so far v0.0.0.2 Beta, the version I got to test, is the second update for the game.

I took some screenshots while I was sort of beta-testing the game. I said “sort of”, because JudgeSpear NEVER commissioned me to do so; he instead uploaded a link to where we can download the beta version. Being one who had my attention caught, I downloaded and played it.

Click the images to enlarge.

This freeware game looks promising, and I bet this will take the whole gaming fandom by storm once it’s complete. I can’t wait for it to be done.

Source: JudgeSpear on Youtube

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