WikiPilipinas Filipina Writing Contest

WikiPilipinas Filipina Writing Contest

I promised Tita Dine and Ate Tin to join the WikiPilipinas Filipina Writing Contest. I will be submitting my essay some time soon. I do encourage you to contribute to this endeavor. Personally, I feel that the prize is irrelevant, it’s contributing something to uplift the image of the Filipina that is more important πŸ˜€

In celebration of Women’s Month in March 2008, will open a special portal called the Encyclopedia of Philippine Women which will compile and detail the achievements and triumphs of Filipinas everywhere. will also host a Philippine Women Microsite containing selected scholarly texts, research documents and abstracts, as well as selected literary works from Filipina writers.

To kick things off and in line with its advocacy of promoting a more empowered and empowering image of the Filipina, WikiPilipinas is partnering with Filipina Images as we launch Filipina Stories.


The entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges selected by WikiPilipinas. These judges will use the following criteria for evaluation:

* Form – 20%
* Substance – 50%
* Originality – 30%

The winning essay will be announced at the launch of the WikiPilipinas Women’s Portal and the Philippine Women Microsite on March 12, 2008 in time for the celebration of Women’s Month.


1. Open to Filipino bloggers of all ages.

2. Interested participants may choose to write an essay about any of these three sub-themes:

* The Iconography of the Modern Filipina;
* The Commercialization of the Filipina through the Internet; and
* The Role of Bloggers in Uplifting the Image of the Filipina.

3. Articles to be submitted should be original, previously unpublished, at least 500 words long, and in the English language.

4. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Participant’s entry together with the complete name and contact details, should be sent to:

5. Essays must be published in the participants’ respective blogs and should contain the following links:

(5.1) at least one link to or articles and/or images;

(5.2) a link to WikiPilipinas, using the code”>Philippine Encyclopedia;

(5.3) a link to Filipina Images, with the code”>Filipina.

Submission of entries will run from February 1 to 29, 2008.

Articles to be submitted will be available for public viewing in WikiPilipinas starting February 8, 2008.

Shortlisted essays will be announced in the WikiPilipinas website on March 1, 2008.
Please take note that all entries will be licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License

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