Life-Size chocolate Ferrari F1

Chocolate Ferrari F1 F2008

No one wants just a piece of a Ferrari (since definitely everyone wants the whole car), except probably with this one. What you’re looking at isn’t an F1 car that would hit the tracks for this year’s racing season. It’s a 4,405-lb. hunk of Belgian chocolate from nose to tail.

This chocolate Ferrari F1 was made in Italy and will be the centerpiece of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Napoli’s club party. The car, which took more than a year to build, will be displayed and then it will be smashed out with hammers then be handed out to party guests. Now not everyone would be probably end up cringing with the site of this F1 getting smashed to pieces. That’s Belgian chocolate and who wouldn’t want to have a piece.

Mind you that this is a life-size model of the Ferrari F2008 (this year’s version of the F1 track car). Everything’s edible, including the red coating. Want one? Be ready with at least £12,000.

Source: Ananova

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  1. I want one of the wheels. Yum.

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