Okashii News: Berlin shops sells shroom-laced chocolates


Another seasonal feature here on Sugoi Stuff would be Okashii News – newsbits that are funny-odd (okashii meaning strange, amusing, funny). This might not be funny to you but some members of Team Sugoi are just plain choco-fiends, with our latest contributor, GenkiChelli, a choco dealer as well.

The lot of them have been trying to convince me that chocolates will cure my depression claiming the age-old argument that chocolates boost happy chemicals. Well, whoever claims that chocolate is better than sex is a damned virgin.

Happy chemicals? Well I guess unless it’d be these chocolates, I wouldn’t readily bet on happy chems just yet. This sweets shop owner just laced his goods with hallucinogenic ‘shrooms and marijuana.
Unfortunately for the shop owner, he was nabbed trying to sell these goodies.

Police said, “In the shop we found 120 pieces of magic mushroom chocolate and countless cannabis lollipops.” They also found jars of laced honey.

Well, he should’ve moved to Amsterdam before trying this stunt.

Source: Reuters

Author: Alex

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  1. hahaha. and i suddenly remembered some of our orgmates trying to make me put some weed in the brownies i used to sell at the tambayan ^^;

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