Is Hemin the new spam?

First thing’s first, I’m not blasting anyone’s belief system.

We received a bread dough from a neighbor with a photocopied paper attached to it. The paper read clear – the dough’s Hemin, the bread of Catholic saint Padre Pio.

I thought that it was just a small scale thing involving neighbors but since other people (links here and here), wrote this, I thought of writing a post about it too. Very viral of me.

And so is this Hemin. As far as I know, this might not be sanctioned by the Vatican at all. Oh well, initial searches show that it just might be a variant of the Amish Friendship Bread. Wikipedia links that story to a similar recipe called Hermann. Oh and forums discussions had this.

So it’s really been going around like spam. I just hope it doesn’t have any worms and viruses attached to it.

I didn’t get to photograph the Hemin so the photo credit goes to Ade whoever took this picture.

Author: Alex

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  1. how dare you question the holy and mighty hemin?

    repent or suffer an eternity of damnation.

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for the comment, Benj. Yup, I’ll take my chances with damnation.

    Hell is other people anyway. :p

  3. Hey, I didn’t take that picture!

  4. Okay, I’ll edit the credit. :p

  5. Oddly enough we just ate that bread last Saturday. Mom made 4, and gave the 3 away. ~_~

  6. Our neighbor gave one to us. I appreciate the thought behind it, but I guess I couldn’t go through with the whole “ritual” – which is unheard of coming from ME. Needless to say, I baked the bread on the second day.

  7. I accepted the Hemin bread from my friend WITHOUT hesitation. My portion was delivered to me with instructions, and was convinced that I would have no problem finding just 3 people to pass it on…however the first person on my list questioned it. I was very disappointed and since she did not accept it with open arms, I did not deliver her a portion and I ended up baking 2 portions of the bread. For the record it TASTES GREAT! I just found that the cooking time is not enough…my family has been nibbling on it since this afternoon.

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