And the greenest of all…

My fellow org alumnus (of course I’m an alumna. English is a very difficult langauge, I tell you!) has decided to share his collection of Pinoy green jokes to the public. Will he be the next Gary Lising? We’ll see.

Visit Oi! Green Pinoy!


By the way, I’m seeing a “trend” here in Sugoistuff. I hope the “trend” wanes after the members of Team Sugoi gets their well-deserved break this weekend.

And though we do appreciate the Maria Ozawa posts, we’d rather not see Sugoistuff in the “banned sites” list either, do we?

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  1. flori-sama! honto ni domo arigato gozaimashita!!! ^_^

  2. Dou itashimashite, senpai! 😀

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