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Akutenshi's avatarAkutenshi 13

AKA Layk-da-Shadows, Master-Vision.

Akutenshi was a trained ninja from birth. Tired of running over water and catching arrows with eyes closed, he left his ninja clan in pursuit of another purpose.

Stumbling upon some ancient portal, he was transported to modern day Metro Manila. Using his ninja skills for survival, he found out that his deft hands were also good in art. After spending a few years in some doobie-laden fine arts college, he struck out in the world as a graphic artist. He has since become a Photoshop and Flash animation sensei.

He also works as a part-time kamen rider saving lives and collecting action/sexy figures and gachapons for world peace.

Alex's avatarAlex

AKA The Jerk Minister. Born in the jungles of Manila, Alex found his destiny as a social bystander waiting for some loser to get shot and be covered with the day’s edition of Toro.

Growing up watching too much Tagalog-dubbed tokusatsu, he suffered from a series of identity crises; being called by an assortment of nicknames. Amazingly, he successfully fooled everyone, managing to get through school and graduate college without being sent to an asylum.

After working as a corporate monkey for two years, he broke free, settling for a sedentary life as a problogger and web content consultant. He spends most of his waking hours in a zoo in hopes of getting back to his roots somewhere in the jungle.

Datenshi's temporary avatarDatenshi

AKA Bry. He was supposed to be one of the first writers for Sugoi Stuff, but he suddenly disappeared just before the site was launched. Though he returned a couple of months afterwards, he offers only a few clues on what happened. Something about “being trained by the Vizards”, “learning to control his Hollow form”, and other random Bleach jargon.

Not much is known about Datenshi. Some say he’s the epitome of manliness, others claim he’s the biggest epal you’ll ever meet. Rumor has it that he is also a harbinger of destruction, leaving deserted towns and burning cities in his wake. Lately, there have been talks of him working behind the scenes to bring about the world revolution.

Flori's avatarFlori

Flori is virtually a free spirit, opting to escape from the shackles of the 9-5. She now writes and translates as she pleases at home – that is, if she is not invited (or coerced) to do the occasional tarot reading.

She “digs” independent movies, literature, graphic novels, pop culture, music (especially indie rock and jazz), food, cooking, vintage fashion, and anything that expresses creativity and individuality.

She writes poetry on table napkins, deconstructs and reconstructs old clothes, acting on her rockstar fantasies with Samurai X (a scarred acoustic guitar) and Mik (her beloved bass guitar), haggling at bid wars on E-bay, trying to outsmart TV detectives, profilers, and criminal analysts (hah, beat that, Gil Grissom!), and poshing up her intellect by listening to BBC Radio programs every time she’s online.

Her (not-so) guilty pleasures are reading drugstore romance novels (the trashier, the better!), and drooling over Hugh Laurie (Let’s Play House), Gerard Butler (Phantom of the Spartan), Emilio Muñoz (Hot Torero), Dan Radcliffe (No Longer Jail-bait), Keanu Reeves (The One), Hugh Jackman (Wolvie), Daniel Craig (Shaken not Stirred), and many other Alpha Males.

Her Myers-Briggs test result says she’s an ENFJ – which means she’s a loud, friendly, overexcited, practical, pragmatic, sensitive, emotional, anal retentive, and obsessive compulsive drama queen.

Visit her personal blog – Short Term Effect.

Kyameel's avatar Kyameel

The resident code monkey, Kyameel grew up in a very closed space of what is called “the box”. She recently has managed to finally take a peek outside and finding ways to break free. In the process, she has become a quasi-fashionista, a mannequin dresser, a paper pusher, and now, a human interfa- geek artiste. (Or should that be an artistic geek?

She is currently busy touching up and doing “stuff” behind the scenes of the site while collecting Pinky:St dolls, Terry Pratchett books, and cute stuff inspired by cows.

T H E _ C O N T R I B U T O R S

And finally, meet the still-growing bunch of talented contributors from here and Japan!


Army Ants? Alcoholics Anonymous? Anti-A*****? Who knows?

AA is the anti-thesis to the usually “polite” core members of Team Sugoi. AA touches on any topic that the others consider taboo and likes it. AA is currently “under observation” from the rest of the team.

Hard-hitting. Foul-mouthed. Annoyingly antagonistic.


Ace is a hardcore gamer, cosplayer, and noontime gameshow contestant.

He aspires to be a dubber.

He likes Akuma.


Our magandang Japanese correspondent all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun!
This crazy Magandang Baboy currently resides in the heart of a mabaho city called Tokyo. Born in Makati, she grew up in several airports in Japan. She has fallen in love with Germany,the beautiful pronunciation of the French language, massinun (means masarap in Korean) Korean food, Italian Gerato, and of course the super-duper kawaii jeepney!!

She always misses her motherland, especially SM Megamall, adobo, mangoes…and opo, her Sugoi families and friends there.

If there’s anyone who’d like to take a peek at her jumpy life, please essay to visit dito po: Maganda Gypsy


eva_guy01 is one of the pillars of the local cosplay community having been around for quite a while. He provides wise insights on the scene.

And the rest of the pack:

  • Ami
  • kampuger
  • kristiann