Genius Traveler 350: Portable USB Mini Trackball

Genius Traveler 350

I used to find people who attach other input devices to their laptops weird especially if there are already a touch pad and a track button built in to the laptop. Well, since technology has beefed up and laptops can be as powerful than desktops allowing a lot of other functions. So it’s not that awkward anymore to see people lug around portable mice for use in a whole bunch of functions that the touch pad just won’t be able to handle. (Ever tried using Photoshop with a touch pad?)

Portable mice, I’ve seen a lot but I haven’t seen a lot of people lugging around portable trackballs for mobile computing. I haven’t really considered using one but I guess i should start considering it especially since trackballs are said to lessen the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome that is quite common with mice. Here’s one that caught my eye – the Genius Traveler 350.

Genius releases the Traveler 350, a portable mini trackball for notebooks. One of the latest innovations from Genius, this optical mini trackball offers smooth cursor movement and great performance.

Traveler 350 has an adjustable jig so it’s convenient and user-friendly for lefties, too. It has two built-in hotkeys to increase your working efficiency as well as media center control.

What I like about it being compact and all is that it gives you more functionality with hotkeys. It’s got a Media Center button that allows you to control media playback. It works really great with Windows Vista Aero Flip3D. And I love the way you can adjust the jig for either left- or right-hand computing.

The Genius Traveler 350 is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS.

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