Hello Kitty M16 rifle

Hello Kitty M16 rifle

Oh yeah. So the Hello Kitty MMO game is quite a hit with nearly 30,000 people beta testing it as of the moment. That proves a lot of people still continue to love this ribboned pussy cat from Japan. Personally, I know a lot of people who love Hello Kitty and her other Sanrio friends and I can understand how grand an influence Helloy Kitty, both as a character and franchise, has all over the world.

Now while the usual Hello Kitty paraphernalia are mostly . How about this picture here? Yup, you saw that right. That’s an M16 rifle painted in cute pink with Hello Kitty painted on the stock. Could’ve been Photoshopped but it’s pretty understandable if someone really does this to their guns.

Imagine getting shot by one of these. Or imagine soldiers storming their objective with a set of these babies. I wonder if they have matching cute bullets to match this rifle. But come on, Hello Kitty? If I’m going to paint a gun and slap on some Sanrio characters, it would probably be Badtz-Maru ’cause he’s bad-ass.

Still, this proves that even cute things can kill.

Source: i.i.com.com via Filefront News

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