Street Fighter movie: Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li

Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li

More casting news for some more movie adaptations of geekdom classics. Next stop after that crazy news about the Justice League movie, we have Street Fighter. Probably an attempt to coincide with the release of the new Street Fighter 4 game to double up on the publicity. The first SF movie sucked so much that I got jaded with SF for quite some time after. Even Kylie Minogue was a letdown playing Cammy with too much cover.

Anyway, they’re at it again. So far, and the confirmed “stars” to be in the movie:

  • Kristen Kreuk – Chun Li
  • Neil McDonough – M. Bison
  • Michael Clark Duncan – Balrog
  • Chris Klein – Charlie
  • Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas – Vega
  • Rick Yune – Gen

Ooowkay. So you get a Canadienne to play someone Chinese? It might work because of some of Kristin Kreuk’s features but she doesn’t look Chinese to me. But hey, Kristin Kreuk? In (hopefully the old) Chun-li uniform? I don’t think a lot of hot-blooded males will be complaining. Michael Clark Duncan is one large dude that might do the job. Neil McDonough will always be that guy from Boomtown who’s from Band of Brothers for me.

As long as it doesn’t have Van Damme, I’m okay with it.

Source: Gaming Today

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  1. “As long as it doesn’t have Van Damme, I’m okay with it.”

    Look at the irony: Van Damme was actually offered to play a part in this movie, but he declined, saying that he doesn’t want to make a movie and then come home and be unhappy about it. For more on Van Damme’s side of the story, here’s the link, courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.. 😀

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