Jason Reitman turned down Justice League

Justice League Jason Reitman

For movie buffs, you might know Jason Reitman as that Canadian writer/director/actor/producer who directed films such as Thank You for Not Smoking and Juno. In his appearance in the Howard Stern show (and thank goodness not to ride the sybian), he mentioned that he declined handling the Justice League movie.

“What am I going to do with Justice League of America? So Basically I’ll make a movie that is not as good as X-Men, then I’ll be the guy who made a movie not as good as X-Men. Where just like you talking about, going to smaller stations, if I make another small movie, and it’s really good, it performs well…” “Right now I’m thought of as a particular type of director. I’ve got an oscar nomination. I’ve made two indie films that play film festivals that are considered thoughtful. I want to stay in that world, I like making those type of films.”

I might have to say that it’s a good call. When you’ve got a rep, you need to be a bit choosy with what projects you associate your name with. And let’s face it, this Justice League movie isn’t shaping up to be a slobberknocker. Getting Reitman to do the movie is pretty much like getting some PhD professor to get to tutor some Korean English for Php50 an hour.

Source: Film School Rejects

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