Nick Cage in Astroboy?!


First time I heard the news I was like, NOOOOOOOO!!!

I mean, it was already bad when I heard of the rumors about this:


And now *gasp* maybe this?!


Oh, shirt!

You see, Summit Entertainment (the company that brought you Michael Clayton, American Pie, and Babel among others) will be releasing a computer-graphics film adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy in 2009. Timothy Harris will pen the film (in case you are not familiar with his work, try searching for Space Jam) while Flushed Away’s David Bowers is directing.

It recently announced the addition of actor Nicolas Cage to the cast.

Apparently (and fortunately), I read on and realized I was overreacting. The “real” Astro Boy will feature the voice of Freddie Highmore , you know, the cute kid in Finding Neverland.


Whew! That was a really close call!

Anyway, other actors who will be lending their voices are Donald Sutherland (M*A*S*H, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Dirty Sexy Money), Nathan Lane (The Lion King, The Producers, The Birdcage), Bill Nighy (Love Actually, Underworld, Pirates of the Caribbean) and Eugene Levy (A Mighty Wind, American Pie, Curious George).


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