12-gauge shotgun shell shot glasses

Shotgun Shell Shot Glass

Precision fire might be more interesting to some nerds but shotguns do have that shock and awe value that just works in situations where brute force trumps finesse. Besides toting one can make you look like one bad-ass dude. Think Ah-nold in Terminator 2.

But in this life where we are forced to settle for the next-best-things, real bad guys and bad guy wannabees can surely get a kick owning these babies – a set of shot glasses fashioned like 12-gauge shotgun shells.

Each glass measures approximately 7.5 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm enough to deliver a good shot (hehe) of your favorite hard liquor to f*ck you up pretty good.

Check them out at Find-Me-a-Gift.

Author: Alex

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