Live action Full Metal Panic! in the works

Full Metal Panic!

Yippee. And the crap just doesn’t seem to let up. This year is really going to be an un-sugoi year for live action versions of popular manga and anime. Dragonball was crap. Chun Li was crap.

Now news has it that they’re making a live action version of Full Metal Panic!. Reports say that Mandalay Pictures acquired the theatrical rights series. For those not familiar with FMP!, it’s basically about a sergeant who goes undercover as a high schooler to protect a girl.

And guess who’s rumored to be in the project?

Zac Efron.


Via: Tokyograph

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  1. Hope this will be the beginning of the best anime-to-live-actions, since sailormoon & resident evil degeneration….
    this anime makes me suspend everything, thrilled, action, loveeeee, so much… love this movie… hoping it will not take to long to make it…

  2. if it’s Zac Efron who’ll play Sgt Sagara, movie boycotts will be in the works.

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