Rumor: Dollhouse finale mix-up?


I wouldn’t deny that one of the real reasons I watch Dollhouse is Eliza Dushku. Well, sure it’s a Joss Wheedon show so the series is bound to have a bit of promise at least for the first couple of seasons (as with the case of Buffy) but come on. A scantily-clad Eliza Dushku quite the visual treat already (though Miracle Laurie is shmexy in a chunky sort of way and Olivia Williams’ British accent’s kinda hot too).

But what are these conflicting rumors about the show’s status. One rumor has it that Fox has pegged the May 8 episode (episode 12) as the show’s season finale. The show already has 13 episodes filmed that are supposedly for the current season.

If this rumor is ever true, then that makes one wonder whatever will happen to episode 13. Could this mean that Fox will not be pushing through with the series? According to Fox, they are still deciding on the fate of the second season.

Cutting the series short would be a grave injustice to those who have endured watching several quirky episodes but I have to say that series has just started to pick up its story and pace. Pity to see it canned this soon.

Via: Newsarama

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