Tray shapes AK-47 ice bullets

AK-47 Ice Bullet Tray

For geeks out there, you might remember that Mythbusters episode where they disproved the myth of the ice bullet but here’s one obvious use for them – as ice. You might be think, “Well yeah, you dumb bastard. That would work.” But wouldn’t these work really great in a themed party? (Military and gangster themes come to mind.)

The item is an ice tray shaped like the magazine of a real AK-47 and inside, you can create ice bullets in the shape of AK-47 bullets. Don’t a stickler for detail though since the bullets don’t exactly measure to the real 7.62mm bullets.

Still, this tray has got to come as a pack with those shotgun shell shot glasses so you can amaze your friends the next time them come by for some drinks. Then again, I think ice pellets in those shotgun shell shot glasses would be a tad better.

Check them out at Find-Me-a-Gift.

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