Fallout 3 is still alive!

Now I have to confess. About 7 years ago, I was a hardcore PC gamer. Well, not like today’s good for nothing gamers, I still raked in outstanding grades despite spending a tad bit more time playing computer games than hitting books. And it’s all because of one life-changing series: Fallout.

Yes, I was too busy playing months’ worth of game time (split between Fallout 1 and 2) immersed in a simulated post-apocalyptic die-roll RPG. But I got to hand it to the now-defunct Interplay for entertaining me in those difficult years of my teenage life. Those were great games. And they spoiled any other RPG for me. For many it was Final Fantasy, for me, it was Fallout. Never mind Fallout: Tactics and the other crap they put out.

I know that the Fallout 3 was ceded to Bethesda a while back some time 2004 (after Interplay and Black Isle Studios folded). But it’s only recently that updates were made about the series’ next installment. Fellow Fallout series junkies, the fire still burns. Bethesda confirmed that Fallout 3 is still kicking with the team pushing through with the development.

Question, are the Unwashed Villagers still alive hunting spammers? Anyway, “War, war never changes…”

Author: Alex

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