Kyou no Nihongo: yabai

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Today’s Japanese word:



Simple Definitions:


You just have to watch Keanu Reeve’s new film so you decide to ditch your 2 P.M. class and rush off to SM North Edsa with your orgmates instead. Three hours later, as you excitedly yak amateur criticisms while walking out of the theater exit, you come face to face with the prof of the same class you decided to forgo. What do you say?
Oh, sh*t!
Hi, Sir! Mahilig ka rin pala kay Keanu Reeves. Kayo ha!

You are busy rocking the house down with your brand new electric guitar when your mother burst into your room angrily holding a piece of paper in her hand. You realize that the paper came from the Office of the Registrar, and that written on it are your barely-passing grades last semester. What do you say?
Ma, hindi sa akin yan! Dalawa kaming Apolonio Saturnino L. Dela Cruz-Matiwasay IV* sa klase!

Your father grants you permission for taking out the family car. You are able to drive to the mall and back home without hitting anything or sending anyone to the hospital (or the morgue) until you scratch the side of the car against the garage gate. Even if the damage is minor, what do you say?
Uy, buti na lang itim yung kotse. Pwede na pentel pen, dyan. Hindi na halata…

You forget your girlfriend’s birthday.What do you say?
You won’t be able to say anything. You’d better run and hide, boy… go run and hide!

*If there is anyone named as such, then it must be fate! I have no idea you exist so please forgive me for the use of your name.

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  1. Oh indeed. He better run and hide.


  2. LOL

    It’s the most yabai situation of all, don’t you agree? 😛

  3. ey!
    there is one more way for Yabai!
    let me tell you,hehe.
    you have to trust me kasi i am magandang japanese!mhaha!
    if you see a pogi pogi guy in the streets,you can also say
    “Yabai!!Cho-ikemen!!(oh man!!sooo handsome!!)”

  4. of course, you are chou yabai too, lenna-chan!

    thanks for the add-on and i’m sure others would appreciate it too 😀

  5. Nice site.. malaking tulong ito sa aking nihonggo learning marathon, hehe. Keep them up guys!

  6. Thanks, dimaks. Watch out for more “Kyou No Nihongo!”


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