Yup, I hate Valentine’s Day

You’ve got to hate Valentine’s Day. I do. I really wonder why such a high premium is given to February 14. What’s the big fuss about it. Who’s that St. Valentine anyway? And isn’t it all rooted to fertility rituals and (pagan?) orgiastic feasts? Call me some hard-@$$ grouch, but for me, Valentine’s Day is three things:

  • A day when one rose gets to be more valuable than gasoline
  • The one “holiday” dedicated to promiscuous sex
  • Thus condom manufacturers and motel operators have a field day

Not that I am one of those sour-graping, no-date-on-Valentine’s, blogging wanker that bashes the lover’s holiday. I just plain hate it. Here’s a list of why I do.

Some of the reasons why I hate Valentine’s Day:

  • It’s driven by opportunistic capitalism.
  • It’s an “in” thing rather than a “love” thing.
  • Even fast food places get crowded with people on dates.
  • Flowers cost at least twice of what they really cost on another day.
  • Routes to motels are jammed.
  • The one day when not being mushy enough could warrant a break-up.
  • You have to make a reservation a week before Feb. 14 if you want to eat lunch in a good restaurant.
  • More Filipinos will be born in November resulting to overpopulation.
  • Demanding boyfriends/girlfriends could border to being abusive and get away with it.
  • Chocolates and sweets promote diabetes.
  • Some professors (allegedly) give “research” breaks instead of teaching to go out on dates depriving students of a class discussion they deserve.
  • Bosses leave early to go on dates, leaving the poor desk monkey to “finish up” the work they’d leave behind.
  • Unlike Christmas, there’s no Valentine’s bonus to compensate for the sudden price increases.
  • People forget that love and affection is not a one-day thing.

I could go on and on and on. But I guess I’ve made my point clear. I hate Valentine’s Day.

Author: Alex

After working as a corporate monkey for two years, he broke free, settling for a sedentary life as a problogger and web content consultant. He spends most of his waking hours in a zoo in hopes of getting back to his roots somewhere in the jungle. For more about Alex, visit The Construct by Alex Maximo

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