Batang 80s: MacGyver is the ultimate problem solver

He may not be from Japan but as an 80s kid growing up in the Philippines, MacGuyver would definitely be part of my reality. And you have to agree with me, he’s amazing. He’s sugoi.


To me, MacGyver is the Renaissance Man. Forget Da Vinci. I didn’t know Da Vinci as a little kid. But I got MacGuyver on RPN9, so screw Da Vanci and his crossdressing Mona Lisa antics.

I kind of grew up idolizing MacGyver with all those mad skills and a Swiss Army Knife to boot. You just have to watch every darned episode to summarize how sugoi MacGyver is. He’s so cool, Kiko Machine (fellow 80s kids) paid him a tribute more than a decade after with a hip Pinoy rock beat aptly entitled MacGuyver. Sing with me now:

Suka at toyo kayang gawing bomba
Lumang tubo kayang gawing bazooka
Lumang bumbilya nagagawang granada
Wala pa ring tatalo kay Mcgyver
Ultimate problem solver

Beat that, Inspector Gadget! Well, I’m not too sure with the suka and toyo bit. I don’t remember MacGyver making adobo bombs. MacGyver nuts over at Wikipedia even made this list of the problems he solved per episode.

Ever remember when Mang Tomas All-Around Sarsa ripped his oh-so-cool opening theme off? That sucked big time. Anyway, here’s a video collection of the show’s opening themes for a bit of nostalgia:

By the way, his first name’s Angus. And Richard Dean Anderson will never be anyone other than Angus MacGuyver in my book (forget Stargate SG1). Harhar.

Angus MacGyver

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  1. Dammit! LSS!

    I would remember that as a kid, I’d ask for permission from my parents to block off the timeslot for me just so I can watch it!

    And yup, he’s sugoi!!! And the coolest thing of all? He actually graduated in Engineering. Now, which Engineering course, I’m not sure. Heh.

  2. And oh! Oh! I watched Legend too. But nothing beats his role as MacGyver. ^__^

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