Leah Dizon finds a friend in Utada Hikaru

Want to see Utada Hikaru getting owned? I’m an Utada fan so seeing this video is a treat but the bigger props is that this involves gravure idol Leah Dizon. Leah’s got some Pinoy blood in her so double the reason to put this thing here. Anyway, yeah, I’m stretching it. Here’s the vid:

So Leah and Utada want to be friends? Hey, how about me? And Leah’s staying in Japan to explore a singing career. Send me packing to Japan, someone!

Source: JapanSugoi

Author: Alex

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  1. Ayuz! A Fil-Am and Utada. Friendship na sila! Ayuz!

  2. Hehe may topak din si utada hehe. I-umpog ba sarili sa table?!

  3. chou kawaii…………..c utada! hahaha honga topakers din pala sya. in fairness maganda c leah dizon ha wehehehe…mag-idol na tau sa japan para mameet natin c utada! yahoo~

  4. haha.. i didn’t realize that Utada’s English was that good!! what show is this clip from??

  5. Utaban. I see Nakai so it’s Utaban 🙂

  6. Hehe. Ang cute nga ni Utada sa pagkaka-umpog nya sa table XD

    Ang lakas nun ah! Hahaha

  7. @ david: the show is called utaban, a music/talk show. as far as i remember they air this every thurs night around 8pm on fuji tv(?) hehehe^^

    i just noticed utada’s hair kinda looks like hyde’s hairdo when he was given a similar surprise on utaban…hmmmm


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