Not for the claustrophobic

How come the really exciting things in Japan happen when I’m not there?

Good news for the really kinky (or the really adventurous)!

I sort of stumbled upon this site for a Capsule Inn in Akihabara, the Electronic Town of Tokyo.

Capsule Inn
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The inn is comprised of public areas (a lounge and baths) and private ones (rooms for the males and those of the females are on different floors).

The lounge has vending machines, shoe lockers and private belonging lockers, and two computer terminals. For those with laptops, the lounge does have wi-fi. The baths also have lockers and for the perpetually stressed business people- massage chairs.

There are about 164 units (120 for men and 24 for women) available. Apparently, each little cubicle (1m x 1m x 2m) resembles a jet plane cockpit and has the amenities of at least your most basic hotel. “Like what?” you ask. Well, you have a TV which has local & satellite channels for free, a video player (now this time with fee), an AM/FM radio, an alarm clock, and adjustable lighting. And you can adjust all of these gadgets while lying down (you really don’t have a choice, actually).

Apparently, the inn targets company employees who work too hard late into the night and therefore miss their train, and people who are in Tokyo for a short trip and find staying in a hotel rather steep. Overnight stay costs 4,000 Yen, which includes all tax and service fees. Customers can check in from 5:00 PM and must check out by 10:00 AM. Though one’s stay can be extended for an appropriate fee, of course.

The inn also boasts free mineral water, coffee for 100 Yen, and other services. For more fascinating info (and capsule reservation if you dare), please visit

Now I wonder if the Philippines will follow suit. Can you imagine capsule inns in Makati, or Libis, or Ortigas? Those who are in the call center profession could possibly benefit from something like this. Though I think the major drawback is the lying-in-an-ataol feel to the experience.


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  1. i’ve seen this on tv before care of “Japan Video Topics”.. XDDD hindi lang siya “Not for the claustrophobic”.. it’s also “Not for the malikot matulog”.. XDDD

  2. I know! Grabe no? Well, I guess not for vigorous couples too *sweatdrop* hehe

  3. Nasa posisyon lang ‘yan!

  4. I am not going to comment on that (charing!).

  5. there’s actually one on the way to my school when i was there tho i never got to check it out….zannen! next time we go to tokyo we’d definitely go to one. zettai ni, ne flori-neechan? hehehe^^

  6. i hope there’s a couple suite. you can go with ___ and i can go with ____ 😛

  7. ahahay! ikou ikou ^__~

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