Ongaku Rewind

Datenshi has already posted his take on OngakuSociety‘s Ongaku Rewind. I also have a few stuff (which border on the personal, bet you’d like that huh?) to say about the event. But being Flori, this means you guys will just have to wait it out a bit more if you want to have a glimpse of said article.

In the meantime, puhlease, enjoy Datenshi’s article.

Again, thanks to Ongaku Society for inviting us! We sure had a blast!

Author: Flori

… is virtually a free spirit who loves independent movies, literature, graphic novels, pop culture, music (especially indie rock and jazz), food, cooking, vintage fashion, and Alpha Males. Read more Flori melodrama on Short Term Effect .

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  1. thanks for coming guys and looking forward to the articles 🙂


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