Transformers: Animated series to launch on the Cartoon Network

Decepticons With all the new Transformers brouhaha with the impending release of the live-action/CGI movie (sure, Optimus Prime will be cool again), here’s news for Transformers fans. They’d be doing another animated run called Transformers: Animated which will launch on the Cartoon Network by fall in the US. This would be the newest installation on animated Transformers since they’ve turned Optimus into a butt-scratching cyborg ape in Beast Machines.

Well, I wasn’t a fan of Beast Machines, probably it lost the novelty of the ee-oh-oh-ee-ee transformation sequence. Grimlock has got to be one of my favorite Transformers. Anyone cried when Optimus died in the old animated movie?

I say that it might be akin to the Beast Wars/Beast Machines series with former co-writer Marty Isenberg now taking editorial helm for this project. Die-hard Transformers fans were pretty much irate for what they did in Beast Machines. But I hope things will turn around with the inclusion of Matt Youngberg (Teen Titans, The Batman) as supervising director.

Rumors have it that it’ll have a futuristic setting. Optimus will be there (as a damn firetruck!?!) and his nemesis Megatron will be there too. Maybe he’ll be a fire hydrant so that he and optimus can play with their hoses or something. Woops. Sorry, my bad. But what the heck, Americans often do a lousy job turning Japanese novelty to mush. Remember that crappy Mask Rider series with Dex and a little teletubby?

Maybe this isn’t sugoi after all.

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  1. Transformers! Pork n’ Beans ni Prime!

  2. Poots! Ayuz sa misheard lyrics. Eh misheard names?

    Starscreen at Octopus Prime

    Yihee! Nyahahaha!

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