Boobie plushies

At first glance they might look like… hey, they are boobies! Cute boobie plushies in fact.

funwari milk-chan 2

From the kyara goods maker, JUN Planning, comes another plushie collection called Funwari Miruku-chan (funwari = fluffy and miruku= milk). Like the Cabbage Patch Kids of years yonder, these slightly mischievous plushies have a background story and kyaras to match.

funwari mirukuchan 1

Funwari Miruku-chan: Easy going, refuses to get big despite everything, loves collagen. Hobby: Napping

Kyan Miruku-san: Celebrity and idol, always a-glitter, has an American boyfriend. Hobby: Getting beauty treatments.

Miruko-chan: The baby among the bunch but a genius (the secret of which is her pacifier). Hobby: Inventing things.

Momoiro Miruku-chan: Hates spiders, scary when angry, loves fashion

Ganguru Miruku-chan: A gyaru, quite level-headed and mature Hobby: Purikura and parapara,

I can only smile askew at this. 😛

Info and photo from the Funwarimiruku-chan Official Website.

Author: Flori

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  1. Errr… okay? O_o

  2. I should give one to my funwari-kun. 😀 Heeeee….

  3. Sex & cuteness sells!!

  4. They’re so cute that I actually want one o_o


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