Hello… project?

I don’t know what prompted my second fave agent (next to Johnny Kitagawa of Johnny and Associates fame), Tsunku, to come up with another “project.” I mean, Hello!Project was confusing enough with Morning Musumeplus all the sub groups and Hello! Project Eggs (ftw?).

Anyway, good ol’ Tsunku is collaborating with other agencies such as, Spacecraft, Tanabe Agency, TNX, and Up-Front Agency, to form NICE GIRL Project (a.k.a. NGP). Apparently with this new endeavour, Tsunku will be able to liven things up by creating rival units for those that belong to Hello! Project. Plus, he will also be able to create a Mini T (–> pun is mine!) or a Tsunku II to handle all NGP stuff.

My thoughts?

Well I think the title of the new project says it all. Maybe the Hello girls are turning out to be not nice after all. Ahem-Momusu-leader-scandals-ahem.

More in Oricon, if you can read Japanese 😛

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