The most Dangerous game

I know that the controversies regarding violence and video games have been brought up on and off through the years. Most have been about the psychological effects of these games on children and teenagers in particular, especially when some school shoot-outs or other grim incidencies happen(it’s either video games and rock music, actually). But a recent event in Japan took this to a new level.

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Video game arcades (All Star Park Gifu and Sega Arena Gifu) in Gifu Prefecture have been closed down by Sega Corp. when a six-year-old boy got his fingertip amputated. Apparently, the boy’s finger got caught in a chain that was attached to a Target Striker game machine. Sega Corp. has also ordered to freeze the use of other similar games machines in Hiroshima and Saitama. The gaming company has also set up a special team that would oversee the safety of its 430 video game arcades throughout the country and deal with similar cases.


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