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Densha Otoko

So you are a self-proclaimed otaku, right? Wanna know if your style fit the nomenclature?


A Japanese online polling organization made use of a sample of 1,101 for their survey on what makes someone an otaku based on appearance. The following are the top ten tell-tale signs of a male and a female otaku:


1. Anime print T shirt
2 Anime print paper bag
3 Bum bag/fanny pack
4 Wearing a bandana around the head in a hachimaki style
5 Bag plastered with anime-related patches, stickers
6 Unnecessarily long hair
7 Rucksack hung off one shoulder
8 Big thick glasses
9 Shirt, T shirt tucked into trousers
10 Acid wash jeans



1 Anime print paper bag
2 Anime print T shirt
3 Gothic-lolita fashion
4 Bag plastered with anime-related patches, stickers
5 Big thick glasses
6 Messy hair, braided hair
7 Excessively long skirt
8 Pink or green hair
9 Huge black leather boots
10 Excessively long fringe


And here’s a bonus YouTube Raid:

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