Genius TwinWheel F1 Set for PC/PS2

Genius TwinWheel F1

I have always been a PC gamer. And that meant being a keyboard ninja. While I did develop some proficiency with games, I’ve never developed quick enough thumbs to match button mashers. I’ve never bothered buying joysticks or gamepads either. Until today, when gamepads are required by many sports games on the PC, I still resort to using a virtual gamepad driver.

One exception though – racing games. No matter what you do, the keyboard (or even a gamepad for that matter) can’t replace a steering wheel and a driving pedal. Here’s one – the Genius F1 Racing Wheel.

Immersion-patented TouchSense tehcnology and advanced vibration feedback function that allows you to feel every bump, collision and crash as if you were right there where all the action is. Virtual never felt this real!

TwinWheel F1 includes a D-Pad and four action buttons for advanced control as gaming software requires like direction controls, horn and view change. For an even more real driving simulation, TwinWheel F1 has pedals for brake and acceleration functions.

Also it has a lap attachment that makes it possible to mount your wheel elsewhere. No need for a table to clamp the wheel down on so you can be a pure couch potato gamer.

One beef I have with it though, is the name. Why call it an F1 racing wheel when it is by no means styled like an F1 steering wheels. Sure it has a directional pad and some buttons but if you’ve seen a real F1 steering, there’s a heck of a lot more buttons with that. And a display screen to boot. Anyway, that’s stretching it. This one’s for gaming anyway.

Genius Twinwheel F1 Wheel and Pedals for PC/PS2 is distributed by MSI-ECS in the Philippines.

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