Hunter x Hunter is back

Hunter X Hunter

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Hunter x Hunter (read as “Hunter-hunter“), is back after a long (an over all total of 2.3 years) break!

The popular shounen-manga-turned-anime was created by Togashi Yoshihiro who is also famous for creating YuYu Hakusho (a.k.a. Ghostfighter), and for marrying Sailormoon creator Takeuchi Naoko (I’ve always dreaded a nightmare cross-over of Sailormoon and Yuyu).

The new installment of Hunter x Hunter is going to be featured on Issue 14 of the Weekly Shounen Jump. It will be on sale on the 3rd of March. It is also released via
Viz Media.

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  1. please tell me when will hxh be back again ,I’m dying here I really want to know what is going to happen next who is going to die who is winning the war between the ants and the hunters .please I’m begging you all to work on the creation of new chapters and episodes.thnx Mayar……………….

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