Leisure Suite Larry: Box Office Bust trailer

Leisure Suite Larry: Box Office Bust

Now for those of you who have been PC gaming since pre-Pentium days, then you might have head of or played some of these titles: King’s Quest, Duke Nukem (the old 2D side scroller) and even Wolfenstein 3D. However, one of the best adventure titles during those old times was Leisure Suite Larry. Even if it meant guessing what the heck those security question checks are (to verify your age), the whole game was a treat.

If I’m not mistaken, the whole franchise has been around for two decades now, with the first LSL coming out in 1987. You have a few more installments of the franchise over the years and news has it that there’s a new one coming out entitled Leisure Suite Larry: Box Office Bust, the trailer for which you can view after the cut. And I have my own reservations for a new LSL.

But alas, in those subsequent releases, LSL didn’t get any better. If you’d ask me, I’m still for the old ones not only for novelty but for the gameplay, even if it meant typing really quickly. I played the most recent PC game, LSL: Magna Cum Laude (that features Larry’s nephew, Larry Lovage) and it stank quite bad. It failed to capture the whole sense of sexual misadventure of the Larry franchise and the mini-games were crappy.

I hope this new one would do much better but it will still feature the annoying Larry Lovage from Magna Cum Laude. But come on, no nudity in this one? Boo!

For more information, visit the official website: Leisure Suite Larry: Box Office Bust

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