New Star Wars film and TV series to fill in storyline blanks

Obi Wan in New Animate Star Wars

I’d have to say that the geek in me likes Star Wars especially tconhe first trilogy with Luke and Obi Wan and Han and Princess Leia and the Ewoks. I still have that nasty habit of doing impressions of Darth Vader saying “Luke, who’s your daddy?” just to disturb people. Sad to say, even Mace Windu didn’t do the prequel any justice. Hayden Christensen really ruined the whole franchise with such crappy acting.

Anyway, since we wont have another set of three movies set after the one, the franchise has decided to fill in more storyline blanks with the a new set of 3D animated features dubbed, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This is to be differentiated from the Clone Wars 2D run on Cartoon Network (which was a treat on its own though it really sucked to see that the animated version of Anakin still had a huge amount of influence from Hayden’s crap).

This new run consists of one animated feature film and a series of features made for TV. So those alone promise to be a huge dose of Star Wars for fans, young and old.

The film will focus on Anakin and Obi Wan’s wartime exploits. It is reported that the storyline features a mission in which their relationship as student-mentor will be given focus. (Oh please, no Brokeback Tatooine undertones please!)

The TV series which will be aired on Cartoon Network and TNT would further flesh out the details concerning the period in the Star Wars universe known as the clone wars. Some episodes would even delve into the lives of the clones. It would be really interesting to look into the individuality of clones produced en-masse.

For more information regarding, visit the Star Wars: The Clone Wars site.

Source: USA Today

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