Street Fighter IV to feature new character

Street Fighter IV

Yup, that’s right folks. Street Fighter is back. Undoubtedly, Street Fighter set the stage for the whole fighting game craze back in the 90s. And years after, the Capcom franchise still wouldn’t be kicking the bucket ready to take on the new generation of gaming consoles and gamers with Street Fighter IV as the January issue of EGM have reported.

Details about the new Street Fighter came out last year. You might want to ask, what the heck are they doing. After all, the franchise has been around for a decade and has went through at least three generations of gaming consoles. But Street Fighter IV aims to address both image and consumer appeal in this release.

I think these guys are playing it right by making the latest release rendered in 3D, making it in tune with today’s 3D world. And it is quite a shame to make the current gen consoles run and render a game that could run in an SNES though there are no details yet on which consoles in which the game would appear. However, purist fans of the franchise would also be glad to hear that, while the graphics would be in 3D, gameplay would be strictly 2D. All in the Street Fighter tradition.

Reprising their roles are Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Dhalsim. The final roster of characters aren’t available yet so we just have to wait whether Guile, Akuma, Bison and sexy Cammy will also be back. However, Famitsu has reported that a new character named Crimson Viper would be appearing in this new game.

Street Fighter IV Crimson Viper Character

Can’t wait for more details!

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