Transformers Zippo lighters for the nicotine geek

Transformer Zippo Lighters

I rarely see otakus and geeks who smoke but if it’s all for looking geeky and smokin’ at the same time, then these Transformer Zippo lighters are surely worth the take. Probably would appeal to both Transformer fans, Zippo fans, and those looking for the next flashy thing to striking matches on your boot.

These Transformer Zippos come in either black and shiny metal and only 300 units will be sold for each color. Talk about a limited run. Too bad these are only sold pnly in Japan and costs a whopping 12,000 Yen. That’s about Php 4,955 or $120 US.

Hmm… Still not so sure about the nicotine part but I do know a lot of geeks with pyromaniac tendencies. Beware, Optimus will set you on fire!

Source: Prime’s Diary

Author: Alex

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  1. Man I’d love to have one of those. Must be really cool to light a cancer stick with an Optimus lighter. Too darn expensive though.

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