ApriPoco: Remote control controller


This is just what we need! A cute bobochog robot that controls remote controls. Toshiba has this really “revolutionary” idea of coming up with a small, talking robot that can help you manage and remember which remote is for which gadget.

What you do is you put your robot in a convenient spot (i.e. on the coffee table in the middle of your living room) and ask it to perform a function, i.e. turn the TV on. No need to press buttons, as little ApriPoco has its own infrared signal. This 21-centimeter gadget is still in its development stage.

I wonder how much this thing would cost. But anyway, since we only have 2 remote controls at home – one for the TV and one for the DVD, I don’t think we need an ApriPoco unless its because we just find it cute!

Source: Breitbart

Author: Flori

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