Simply Sugoi: Slap on a Bat Signal to your house

Bast Signal

Now if you happen to have $395 lying around (and a few more for shipping…) and have fantasized about Batman coming to your rescue, then this item might be a must have for you. You might not live in Gotham City but you can always light up the sky with your very own Bat Signal.

Don’t be fooled by the relatively small dimensions on this thing (12? x 2.25? x 9?) but this gizmo can project Batman’s insignia up to 16 feet away. Hey, it’s a great way to say that “Batman’s on my side so bugger off” or “Hey, I’m a forty-year old weaboo who trips balls for Batman.” View the bigger picture after the cut.

Bat Signal

Author: Alex

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  1. I like! Now where to get $400….


  1. Buy the Bat Signal for only $395 | Nina Fuentes - [...] SugoiStuff, my source of all things sugoi, found this most awesome, must-have appliance of the year: the Bat Signal.…

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