‘Room of King’ to star Hiro Mizushima and Anne Suzuki

Room of King

Return of the fall season has always been a welcome time for TV junkies. Well, for one, it’s the time when the best shows in the US resume airing. I can’t wait for my favorite TV shows to be back on air again myself. House, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Life… and I just finished watching episodes 1 and 2 of Prison Break. Damnit! Air them already, why don’t you.

For Japan, fall season is also a time for new shows to air. While it’s Flori, Kyameel, and Akutenshi-13 who are J-Dorama addicts here, I have seen my fair share of some great shows. For one, I’m an Abe Hiroshi fan.

Well, one new show to air this fall is Room of King, a comedy about a group of housemates sharing a high-class apartment. Headlining are Hiro Mizushima and Anne Suzuki. Mizushima plays the role of a freelancer, Suzuki as an office lady. Joining them are Haruka Igawa who plays a venereologist and Atsuro Watabe as a popular stylist.

The premise: The four roommates compete in a to decide who will gain ownership of their luxurious apartment.

Mizushima is only familiar to me as Kamen Rider Kabuto (and as supporting for a lot of doramas) and Suzuki, I’ve seen in Stand Up!, Returner and as Natsuki Mogi in that crappy Initial D live-action movie.

The series shows on Fuji TV on Saturdays (in Japan) 11:10pm, starting on October 4.

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