‘Room of King’ to star Hiro Mizushima and Anne Suzuki

‘Room of King’ to star Hiro Mizushima and Anne Suzuki

Room of King

Return of the fall season has always been a welcome time for TV junkies. Well, for one, it’s the time when the best shows in the US resume airing. I can’t wait for my favorite TV shows to be back on air again myself. House, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Life… and I just finished watching episodes 1 and 2 of Prison Break. Damnit! Air them already, why don’t you.

For Japan, fall season is also a time for new shows to air. While it’s Flori, Kyameel, and Akutenshi-13 who are J-Dorama addicts here, I have seen my fair share of some great shows. For one, I’m an Abe Hiroshi fan.

Well, one new show to air this fall is Room of King, a comedy about a group of housemates sharing a high-class apartment. Headlining are Hiro Mizushima and Anne Suzuki. Mizushima plays the role of a freelancer, Suzuki as an office lady. Joining them are Haruka Igawa who plays a venereologist and Atsuro Watabe as a popular stylist.

The premise: The four roommates compete in a to decide who will gain ownership of their luxurious apartment.

Mizushima is only familiar to me as Kamen Rider Kabuto (and as supporting for a lot of doramas) and Suzuki, I’ve seen in Stand Up!, Returner and as Natsuki Mogi in that crappy Initial D live-action movie.

The series shows on Fuji TV on Saturdays (in Japan) 11:10pm, starting on October 4.

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