Keanu as Spike in live-action Cowboy Beebop

Spike Spiegel

Here it is, folks. Perhaps one of the greatest travesties of anime adaptations to live action film – Keanu Reeves will play Spike Spiegel for the live-action Cowboy Beebop. Tandandan…

Okay, granted that he was cool as Neo but come on! Spike’s one of the coolest guys in the anime universe. He’s funny and witty and he can’t be played by Ted Theodore Logan! I can’t imagine Keanu sporting that trademark shock of hair that is Spike’s either.

Hmm. But wait. Maybe everything will be forgiven if they pick a really good Faye Valentine. Oh please let it be someone who’s really hot with a touch of class.

For those of you who missed out on Cowboy Beebop, it’s a great noir tale about bounty hunters in space ca. 2071.

Well, this is just our take. How about yours? Vote in our poll after the cut!

Sources: Ain’t It Cool and Variety

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