G.I. Joe rakes in big bucks

Sienna Miller The Baroness

Other Sugoi staff members might not share my sentiments regarding G.I. The Rise of Cobra but it was awful. Sure it had a lot of explosions and some good action but a sketchy storyline and unestablished and undeveloped characterizations blew it for me. What a way to disappoint a guy who grew up loving G.I. Joe as a kid.

Channing Tatum as Duke was basically a robot. Marlon Wayans as Ripcord came off as a teen movie token black guy character. Heck, even Joseph Gordon-Levitt supposedly okay take on Cobra Commander was ruined by the lack of establishment and Darth Vader twist at the end.

I’d have to say that Sienna Miller as The Baroness was the only thing worth watching for the most part of the movie and they even blew that in the twist late in the movie. I prefer my sexy black-haired leather-clad villainesses wicked through and through, thank you very much. Wapish!

It’s just one of those revival of the 80s centered on making Hasbro some big bucks from the geeks of the new generation. And rake in big bucks it did. It made $56 million in the opening but experts worry about it breaking even especially with the reported $175 million price tag on making it.

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  1. I watched the movie yesterday and it was pretty good


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