Kyou no Nihongo: majide

Kyou no Nihongo: majide

NOTE: Be sure that you have Asian language support for your browser to view the characters.
Today’s Japanese word:

Usually written in Hiragana and Katakana as below

Simple Definitions:
Really/Very much
Are you sure?

Last time’s Japanese word:

Author: Lenna

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  1. Maji de? De jima! Maji de jima! 😛

  2. hahaha! Natsukashi~!
    i wasnt sure if i could do this well but anyways,i started finally!
    gimme any advice if you have,senpai!

  3. umai naaa…anata, nihonjin??

    hahah i look forward to more of these, maji de! hahahaha^__^

  4. nihon jin ka na? demo lenna-chan kara firipin jin da to itta!

    lenna-chan kore wa ii yo 😀 hmm… maybe you can add some useful examples of when to use them.

  5. hahaha naalala ko tuloy how the wakamono’s would say maji. hahaha you know the big eyes, big mouth, the works. “EEEEEEh? Majideeeee?” o kaya “EEEEEh? Maaaaaajiiiiii?” 🙂 aw. i miss japan.

  6. balik tayo! mag-dorm ka tapos itakas mo kami uli hehehe

  7. this is one of my fave expressions.. maji de~ 🙂

    reminds me of yamapi…


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