Osoku natte sumimasen

Osoku natte sumimasen

If you’ve been visiting this site for the past few months, you might have noticed something out of place. Here’s a hint:

find the odd one out

There’s an extra blog on the blogroll, but it’s neither Lenna’s nor Ami’s.

That’s my Livejournal account. =P

Hi everyone! I’m Datenshi aka Bryan Bibat, and I’m one of the editors of Sugoi Stuff. Unfortunately, I had business to attend to so I wasn’t able to join the site during its launch.

I’ll be handling everything about anime and manga, from news to local event coverage and maybe some theory and history on the side. Just don’t expect me to rave about every cliche/fanservice laden series that Japan spews every now and then, though. I’m too old for those things. -_- I’ll also be posting technology, gaming, or whatever “sugoi stuff” I’m into if I have time.

Anyway, I’m going back to bed now. Last night’s Ongaku Rewind was a blast, but taking pictures for over 6 hours on an empty stomach and getting home at 4 AM took it’s toll on me. I’ll probably post my first impressions on the event later, and maybe a random post about stuff I could’ve posted about had I joined earlier.

I’ll end this post with the obligatory:


Author: Datenshi

Not much is known about Datenshi. Some say he's the epitome of manliness, others claim he's the biggest epal you'll ever meet. Rumor has it that he is also a harbinger of destruction, leaving deserted towns and burning cities in his wake. Lately, there have been talks of him working behind the scenes to bring about the world revolution.

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  1. Welcome back, bro. Missed yah!

  2. Welcome back bro! Musta mga shop sa Akihabara? Kami naging busy sa Thermopylae. Pasaway kasi yung Rhinoceros.

  3. Sus, Jo. Si Bry yung galing sa Sparta. Balita ko may eight-pack na din yan!

    Tsk. Beefcake Bryan. 😛

  4. Kung si Bry Beefcake, kami bripkeyk. XD

  5. Eeew… Ano yung bripkeyk? I don’t wanna know.

  6. hahah okaeri kuya bry! i was pleasantly (uuyy) surprised hehee! mag-post ka pa ng marami!!!!!!

  7. Okaeri!

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