Tekken 6 features bosses of huge proportions

If you think the people at Namco Bandai had outdone themselves in Tekken 5 by finally including Devil Jin and the monster patriarch Jinpachi Mishima, then to quote an old (and grammatically incorrect) cliché, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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If you have played Tekken 5, then you might have had the opportunity to play as Devil-possessed Jin Kazama, whose style of gameplay is similar to the first Devil, though he’s more stylish and fashionable. Not to mention that “he’s hot”. (I’m merely quoting female gamers here.)

Also, you might have seen firsthand how cheap a boss Jinpachi is. With his unblockable stun attack, his life-steal move, and the dreaded fireball that he breathes from his abdomen, if you even try and play against him on hardest difficulty ever, then you’re just lucky to achieve a “Great” victory against him. (But then again, after months of practicing with Bryan Fury, I even managed to get a Perfect on Ultra Hard.)

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But that’s all in the past. I’m talking here about the next Tekken, which is Tekken 6. When I said you ain’t seen nothing yet, I meant to talk about Tekken 6’s final boss, Azazel.

Jinpachi’s height in his Devil form is 7’1”, and he weighs 360 lbs. If you want to ask about Azazel’s stats, then just look at this.

Image Source: Tekkenpedia

From what you just saw, I bet you’ll agree with me when I say that Azazel outgrew Jinpachi so much, that he doesn’t fit in the screen anymore. Apart from that, he’s cheaper than Jinpachi too: he can summon boulders and crystal shards to hurl at his opponents. He also has an unblockable stun attack like Jinpachi, and he can fire laser beams like Devil, Angel and Devil Jin. Now beat that!

But aside from Azazel, you also have to watch out from NANCY-MI847J. It’s a weird name for a robot, but then again, Isn’t Tekken weird enough to include a fighting kangaroo and a voodoo doll? Remember, they already had a robot in Tekken 4.

Image Source: Tekkenpedia

Though “it’s” just a bonus opponent, you still better watch out before it owns you big time. NANCY-MIS47J, as depicted, is almost as large as Azazel, and it’s got soooooooo many weapons up its robotic sleeves: it can fire its hand, it can launch rockets, it can fire a ginormous laser beam, and it can destroy the platform you stand on, resulting in an instant K.O.

They say all’s fair in love and war, but will it still be when you played Tekken 6 and face these two behemoths? I’ll beg to differ.

Source: Tekkenpedia, tekken-official.jp

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