ToyCon 2008 in the eyes of a correspondent/cosplayer

First of all, let me say that the 7th Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention was, or is, SUGOI!

I went on both days as a cosplayer, not knowing that correspondents from Sugoi Stuff would discover my presence. Tough luck for me, but enough about that; I will use this opportunity to chronicle my exploits and experiences as a cosplayer on those days.

My first main objective was to take a lot of pictures of cosplayers and everything to see inside the venue. I wasn’t really serious about cosplaying, but since all of my companions were registering, I entered as well. I wanted to take as much pictures as I can, but I only managed to take a few thanks to the raucous crowd who instead want to take pictures of us.

I went on Day One wearing the costume of the King of FightersRalf Jones. I was skeptical about wearing Ralf’s costume because his vest was originally colored green, but I just thought to myself that it’s a color swap. I tried my best to portray Ralf correctly, and thanks to my friend Fidel who cosplayed as Resident Evil 4’s Jack Krauser (mutated form), I get to sell my character in front of the audience. Heck, I even saw myself on QTV’s The Beat!

Photo Courtesy of: JM Chua

Day Two was the day for the group cosplay competition. I went there as Barry Burton of Resident Evil fame, along with my friends Mel, Fidel and Sheila, who cosplayed as Rebecca Chambers, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, respectively; the survivors on the events of the first RE game.

I have to tell you, the feeling of being able to take pictures of cosplayers is different from the feeling you get when somebody takes pictures of you. You get a feeling of success when non-cosplaying enthusiasts recognize who you are portraying, and that success is also different from the success in making people guess who your character is.

While meeting cosplayers is already a given, making friends with them is a different case. You’ll be lucky enough to be remembered by fellow cosplayers, especially by those who were there before you.

Well, that’s it. This blog seemed to be written on a personal level, but if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be able to relive the experience that ToyCon 2008 has made me go through.

Call this post a columnar article, if you will.

Click here for the photos I managed to snag.

Day 1 | Day 2

Author: Sushi Boi

Sushi Boi is the sugoi power behind the scenes. Do not mess with him or face his wrath. But he is really really nice, promise.

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  1. I think i saw you on the second day, And i remember making a jill sandwich joke :3.

    And i still remember saying Barry died because lisa pushed him off that place with the furnace :3 sorry

  2. Haha Ace, bagay sa iyo ang mga balbas 😛

  3. @LiquidSnack: Hahaha, that’s alright. It’s an alternate scenario anyway. He survived in the canon ending.

    @Flori: Potek, kamukha ko si Erap! (And with that in mind…LOL)

  4. @Ace

    Yeah but still i remember having bad dreams about that scene “OH BARRY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

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